Monday, October 27, 2008

Motor Development

It is amazing to me how these young children are able to progress so quickly. Working with the young students is such a great opportunity to really learn the core values and skills of physical education. With the younger children one needs to break skills down to simple movements. Everything is simplified and moderated with almost certain progressions later on down the road. I personally love the energy and the attitudes of the younger children. Almost all of the kids are happy to learn and play and all they want to do is participate. We as Physical educators need to make this experience fun and educational. They may not understand the concept of life long fitness but we need to keep bringing it up because one day they will get it and if we are lucky they will remember some of the things we taught them.

Guest speaker

John F. Edwards 86 SUNY Cortland alumnus was a little over the top and very energetic. John made some fantastic points about communication and to me had some extremely memorable quotes that i fell can directly relate to P.E. "People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care". Think about that for a minute. How true that statement is. How relevant that is to teaching. Communication is, in my opinion as well as Mr. Edwards, a dying art. We are so into this internet, cellular based society. As a P.E. major i would like to see this change because of obesity epidemic. Instead of talking on the cellphone, or the computer go out and meet your friends and do some form of activity any form from team sports to DDR (Dance Dance Revolution). Everyone should be an "expert of communication" but as teachers we need to have this lost art mastered. SPMT study, practice, master, teach Lets become better communicators.

John F. Edwards : "Talent makes You Good. Communication Makes You Great" Wednesday Oct. 22nd 2008 6:00 pm Cory Union Function Room. SUNY Cortland